FRESH doubts over the BBC's claims to impartiality on Scottish independence have been raised after a radio host asked a caller about the “extraordinary successful Union”.

Nicky Campbell also praised Barbara from Wiltshire, who went on a tirade against Nicola Sturgeon and independence, as being “the best caller in weeks”.

The SNP have raised their concerns with the broadcaster and are awaiting a response.

On his 9am 5 Live Your Call show on Wednesday, Campbell was asking about “the future of the Union” after Boris Johnson’s visit to Scotland.

Receiving the call from Barbara, he asked: “How much do you value and cherish this extraordinary and successful Union?”

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She replied: “Immensely Nicky, I am afraid I do not have a political or even an intellectual point to say here.

“But, I can say that my late father was a Scot through and through and through. He was a MacDonald.

“He fought, and he flew, in the Second World War, to preserve the United Kingdom – not Scotland, England or Wales, the United Kingdom, or Great Britain as it probably would have been called.

“He would be turning in his grave at the thought of his beloved Scotland – and I also love Scotland from the bottom of my heart – being separate from England and Wales. I am flying the flag for the United Kingdom and that’s all I have to say on the subject.”

Campbell then asked if she was really finished. The caller continued: “It is an emotional response from the heart.

“I am fed up with Nicola Sturgeon spouting she wants Scotland to be independent. I just wish she would keep quiet and we could all work together as a whole country for what is best for the whole country.”

The host, who is Scottish, then asked Barbara how she had voted in the Brexit referendum.

She replied: “I actually voted to stay. But, I am at the point now where I couldn’t care less either way.

“I’m sick of it. I don’t like Boris but I do think we should give him a chance. I just want to forget about Brexit and get on as a united country for what is best for our country.”

Campbell then said: “What a splendid call. Thanks for coming on this morning.”

When Barbara suggested it was “emotional, not intellectual”, he added: “Not intellectual? It’s the best call we’ve had in weeks”.

A spokesperson for the SNP said: “It seemed a bit odd and we are waiting to hear back from the programme after raising concerns.”

The debate on the show opened with three texts. The first, which Campbell read out, said: “‘Scotland has always been a pain in the backside to the rest of the uk. Can the rest of the UK have a vote to get rid of them? Maybe a fence would be a good idea.”

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The second said the UK was “family” and must stick together, and the third that the SNP have fractured the Union, not Brexit.

Moving on to calls, Campbell said: “Richard, you’re an English person, what do you think about the future of the Union? How much do you cherish the Union? That’s the question.”

SNP councillor Jordan Linden was a guest on the show.

A BBC spokesperson said: “During the pace of a live phone-in, callers are built up to express their views and to encourage provocative debate.”