A COUNTDOWN clock, reported to have cost at least £500, has been delivered to Downing Street, with just three months to go until the UK is due to leave the EU.

The clock will be displayed in the Prime Minister’s office, according to Number 10.

The countdown display was paid for by the party at no cost to the taxpayer, a spokesperson confirmed.

The package arrived at Number 10 a day after Tory Party chairman James Cleverly unveiled a countdown clock at Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ).

The clock in Matthew Parker Street is displayed below a message which reads: “We will have delivered Brexit and left the EU by”.

It is not yet clear how much the clock cost, although similar items retail online for more than £500, plus VAT.

Chancellor Sajid Javid released £2.1 billion funding for No-Deal Brexit preparations as part of the Government’s plan to show Brussels that it will not be “business as usual” in dealing with the UK.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell criticised the spending as a “waste of taxpayers’ money”.

The clock, sold by Wharton intelligent time systems, is available online in a number of sizes and colours.