A SCOTS MP has written to the Prime Minister to find out what action the UK Government is taking to make medical cannabis available to people who can benefit from it.

The letter to Boris Johnson from Ronnie Cowan – the SNP vice-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Medical Cannabis Under Prescription – came ahead of the release of draft guidelines for cannabis-based medicines, which are expected to be released today after twice being delayed.

Cowan said his letter followed reports that Johnson was hiring Blair Gibbs, a long-term advocate of reforming cannabis laws, as a policy adviser in Downing Street.

He said he was aware of a number of cases where some children suffering from severe epilepsy had benefited through access to Bedrolite.

Cowan sought a meeting with the PM, and added: “Due to the cumbersome and discriminatory system this government implemented on the 1st of November 2018, parents are required to travel abroad, pay thousands of pounds and break the law to bring the medicine back, or pay extortionate prices to access Bedrolite privately in the UK.

“I would be grateful to know what action your government will take to ensure medical cannabis is available to the many people suffering and ensure those that can benefit from it, do.”