WE all have our own stories to tell about the independence referendum of 2014. For many Yes voters, it was the first time they had properly engaged with politics. For others, it felt like the culmination of an entire lifetime of campaigning.

There is no question that it was a significant milestone in the story of Scotland’s history – when nearly half of Scots recognised the truth about Westminster and decided there was a better option.

Now your newspaper wants to hear YOUR story of 2014. We’re working on a very special project to mark the five-year anniversary of the indyref and we want as many of our readers to be involved as possible.

Perhaps you converted some of your friends and family to independence. Or maybe you yourself initially backed the

Union but then realised how bright Scotland’s future could be outside it. We want to know.

Please email your story to community@thenational.scot – with a picture (preferably from 2014, but it doesn’t have to be) if possible.

We’ll be releasing more details about our new project very soon ... keep an eye out for that!