AN SNP MP has written to Scottish Tory MPs, asking them to oppose a No-Deal Brexit.

Pete Wishart posted his letter to social media asking the 13 MPs, as well as their leader Ruth Davidson, to join him in opposing a hard exit from the EU.

He tweeted: “My letter to Scottish Tory MPs. Will they join me, the SNP and their leader, Ruth Davidson, in opposing any no deal Brexit?

“If they defy their leader not only will they destroy any credibility she has but their numbers may tip the balance in favour of this disaster.”

The tweet was accompanied by images of the letter.

In it, Wishart references that the Prime Minister has announced his intention to leave the EU “do or die” and that Boris Johnson has appointed to his Cabinet members who have pledged to see it through.

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“I do not need to remind you that if we were to leave on a No-Deal basis,” wrote Wishart, “it would be disastrous for the Scottish economy impacting on all our constituent making them significantly worse off.

“Scottish agriculture may be decimated and Scottish business has reiterated their opposition to such an approach given the damage that would ensue.”

“I therefore note that your Scottish leader, Ruth Davidson, has set herself against this approach. She has in fact gone as far as to say ‘I don’t think the Government should pursue a No-Deal Brexit and, if it comes to it, I won’t support it."

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Just three days ago, the Scottish Tory leader was defiant in her opposition to a No-Deal Brexit in her column for the Scottish Mail on Sunday.

Wishart continued: “I am therefore asking if you will be joining me Ruth Davidson in opposing a No-Deal Brexit and if you will join the SNP in blocking any attempt in Parliament when it come to the floor of the House?”