Serengeti, BBC1, 8pm

THE dry season is now upon the animals. Jasari and his wild dog family are under siege from the hyena clan so he must train his pups to survive, while Bakari the baboon is living in exile from the troop, only to spy the leader bullying his adopted baby. Kali and her cubs are enjoying life back in the heart of the pride, only to be attacked by the black-maned lions. But worse is to come when a storm ignites a devastating fire.

Eat, Shop, Save, STV, 8.30pm
RANVIR Singh is back for a new series, ready to help families across the country make healthy changes to their diets and lifestyles without breaking the bank. Ranvir has a team of experts to give the volunteers some pointers. Over the next four weeks they’ll be meeting new parents from Bolton who are worried about their weight, a clan of Sunderland super spenders and a Northamptonshire family who dine out on takeaways almost every night.

Britain’s Giant Pet Food Factory, C4, 9pm
MENTION Mars to most people (in the context of food, rather than planets) and they’ll probably think of the bar of the same name. However, the company actually makes more pet products than chocolate, and its giant factory in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, has a target of turning out one million pouches of pet food a day. Now cameras are going behind the scenes to find out what it takes to make so many dogs’ dinners as well as catering to other critters.

Fake or Fortune?, BBC1, 9pm
THE team examines an 18th-century portrait attributed to pioneering female artist Maria Cosway, but which Philip Mould believes may actually be an undiscovered work by the great Regency artist Sir Thomas Lawrence. He noticed it during a visit to the owners’ home and now the time has come to put his hunch to the test. What’s more, the difference in value is enormous. As a work by Cosway, it is worth about £8000, but if the presenter is right, it could be more in the region of half a million.