THE SNP have renewed calls for the UK to scrap the controversial two-child limit and rape clause following government data on the effect of the policy.

Published earlier today, the joint report by HM Revenue & Customs and the Department for Work & Pensions shows that a total of 161,000 households are affected by the two-child cap and rape clause – an increase of almost 90,000 households in the last financial year.

The report also detailed that 510 women were forced to disclose their pregnancy was as a result of non-consensual conception, with this figure expected to be higher if women were not forced to go through this inhumane and daunting process.

The UK Government’s two-child limit means that you can only get more Child Tax Credit or Universal Credit for your third (or more) child if they were born before 6 April, 2017, if they have a disability, or if they were conceived as a result of non-consensual conception.

The Government has said its policy “ensures fairness”.

SNP MP Alison Thewliss first discovered the abhorrent two-child cap and rape clause in George Osborne’s 2015 Budget and has been a vocal opponent to the policy since its inception.

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She has challenged new Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “signal a change in direction from his predecessor" and scrap the abhorrent condition.

“The Tory government’s own data on the two-child limit and rape clause paints a bleak picture and shows unequivocally that families are suffering financially as a result of the UK government’s obsession with austerity,” said Thewliss.

“This is a horrific legacy for any government. With a new Prime Minister in Number 10, it’s time for Boris Johnson to wake up to this reality, signal a change of direction from his predecessor on welfare and scrap this hated Tory policy.

“Most shocking of all, 510 women have been forced to go through the process of claiming for an exception due to a non-consensual conception. Every single one of these women has been put in a position where they’ve had to tell a complete stranger that their child was conceived as a result of rape or coercion, just to make ends meet.

She continued: “Of course, it’s likely that the actual figure would be much higher if women weren’t forced to go through this daunting process.

“The UK Government has no place to hide in the face of these damning statistics. I urge the new Prime Minister to do the right thing and scrap the two-child limit for everyone”.

A UK government spokesperson said: “This policy ensures fairness by asking families receiving benefits to face the same financial choices as families supporting themselves solely through work. We’ve made changes this year to make the policy fairer.”