LABOUR would be “off our bloody rockers” not to back staying in the European Union, Emily Thornberry has said.

Thornberry, who is shadow foreign secretary, said Labour should unequivocally back Remain and should campaign for a second referendum on “whatever deal the Government comes up with, no ifs, no buts”.

The remarks came during a visit to Australia and appear to be at odds with Labour’s official policy.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, Thornberry said: “The vast majority of people in Britain, if they want to leave, believe it is in our interests to leave with a deal with the European Union.

“But in fact, their concern is we are not going to get a deal at all.”

She added: “I genuinely believe that the vast majority of people in Britain will want to remain, which means that I think that any deal, or no deal, or whatever this Government comes up with, should be put back to the British people so they can be asked, is this what you voted for? Because if you did, that’s fine.

“We don’t think it is what you voted for and I am firmly of the view that Labour’s policy should be that whatever deal the Government comes up with, no ifs, no buts as Boris Johnson says, we should put it back to the people.

“We should have another referendum, and Labour should campaign to remain.”

She went on to say people she has spoken to “appreciate that”, and say if there is an opportunity to remain in the European Union, “we should take it. Because if we don’t, we’re off our bloody rockers”.

A spokesman for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recently said Labour is not a “Remain party”.

“We are not in that zone,” he said.

“We have never said that. We have our policy, we have said we will campaign for Remain against a damaging Tory deal or a no deal in a referendum.

“But there obviously are other circumstances which could occur. And we have said also that we would support a referendum, a public vote, on any deal.”