A YES group has hit back at claims Scots booed Boris Johnson because he is English. 

English Scots for Yes, who have attended previous All Under One Banner marches, was responding to journalists’ claims that the Prime Minister faced a hostile reaction from protestors in Edinburgh because of his nationality. 

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The group hit back at the “nasty accusations”, saying Johnson was booed “because he is Boris”.

Johnson was in Scotland on Monday, his first visit to the country since he became Prime Minister. When arriving at Bute House with newly appointed Scottish Secretary Alister Jack, Johnson was met with a frigid response from the First Minister.

Following the incident, a video of which has been viewed millions of times on social media, football writer for The Sun Justin Allen tweeted: “They pretty much boo anyone who is English.”

Right-wing journalist and broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer replied to Allen with: “Welcome to Scottish politics, Justin...”

The comments provoked fury from some Scots on Twitter, with the SNP’s James Dornan one of those taking Allen to task for making himself “look a bit of a xenophobic clown”. Allen responded to the MSP claiming he was joking.

That wasn’t enough to prevent English Scots for Yes from firing back at claims the Prime Minister was booed because he is English.

“We have seen some nasty accusations in the last few hours about Boris Johnson’s visit to see the First Minister, and the demonstrators outside Bute House, saying the SNP and Yes movement are anti-English for booing him. This is simply not the case,” The group’s national convenor Math Campbell-Sturgess told The National.

“The fact that Boris is English is entirely incidental as to why people are angry. 
“It’s not because he’s English. It’s because he’s Boris.”