ONE of the biggest hopes of the Yes movement is to use the latest technology to connect all the local Yes groups, and the National Yes Registry has been working on designing and implementing such connectivity through the IndyApp platform.

It’s been a while coming but the IndyApp platform is ready, and now the National Yes Registry (NYR) is to hold a national training weekend for all local Group Editors and interested group members.

It will be held at The Station Hotel in Perth over September 21-22, with 160 training places available and overnight accommodation for 100.

After holding test events, the NYR have designed an interactive training process that very practically takes users through all the networking functions of the IndyApp platform.

The NYR aim is to synchronise IndyApp training, and network readiness across all groups, with the Scottish Government’s own IndyRef legislation, scheduled for completion by Christmas.

NYR told The National: “We want everyone to be ready to go as soon as the Scottish Government is, but to achieve this tight timescale we will need individuals from as many different groups as possible to come along to the Perth weekend.

“This is a social gathering as well as a training course, so the learning process over the weekend has been designed to create and populate support structures on the app that everyone will need to cascade the same training process down to their own local group memberships across the country.”

Lessons at the weekend,cover communication forums, action rooms and resource sharing, as well as the new features found on the Editor Portal.

Pre-booking with a £25 deposit is essential because the practical teaching process, developed by the NYR for the training weekend, requires all attendees be organised into pre-arranged training partnerships.

This means organisers must know exactly who is attending well before the event in order to organise and designate everyone their training partners

Anyone intending to attend can register here -

NYR sais: “Once we are properly networked and local groups are able to respond to enquiries from the public, we can all focus on expanding IndyApp membership out to as many Yes supporters as we possibly can.

“From that solid base we can begin to get many, many more Yessers actively involved in practical campaigning.

“This training weekend is about building the grassroots networks Yes will need to be ready for action the moment IndyRef2 gets called. Only the groups can do this and only group members can lead the process.”