NOW we have had a few days to calm down after the event, the whole Yes movement should say a huge thanks to Yes Kintyre and all those who worked to make Saturday’s march and rally in Campbeltown such a success.

The event attracted a crowd nearly half the population of Campbeltown, and the current difficulties within All Under One Banner were set aside as Yessers from all over Scotland turned the town into a giant walking poster to prove that, despite what the Unionists say, there is an appetite for a second referendum - and as soon as possible, please..

Here’s just a few comments from those who attended:

“Well done everybody, you have done Scotland proud.”

“What an absolutely fantastic event this was. Our Independence movement reaches every corner of our Country. So glad we did this March in beautiful Campbeltown,”

“We had a brilliant day. Well worth the 320 miles drive Down and back to Airdrie....See you all at our next Indy Rally Everyone....”

“It was a great day in a stunning location. Thank you Campbeltown for your hospitality. Welcoming us off the ferry on Friday night was a lovely touch.”

“Heard that there wasn’t a bed to be had there which is a real boost for the Wee Toon.”

“Proud to be part of the indy family. Made lots of new friends, met up with some local pals and had a thoroughly brilliant day.”

“Fantastic afternoon on the march and flag waving supporters lining the streets.”