Remarkable Places to Eat, BBC2, 8pm

TONIGHT, leading chef Michel Roux Jr takes TV Maitre d’ and First Dates star Fred Sirieix to some of his favourite restaurants in Paris. First stop is one of the most famous in the city, La Tour D’Argent. At the other end of the price spectrum they visit a place reviving one of the simplest and cheapest French classics, the ham baguette. Finally, the pair visit Brasserie La Couple, which boasts the biggest dining room in Paris.

Animal Babies: First Year on Earth, BBC2, 9pm

FROM around three months old, the featured animal babies are all able to get around on their own, but the impact of their environment and the struggle to find food begin to hit home. In California, a three-month old sea otter pup has to learn what’s safe to eat, while in Sri Lanka, a seven-month old macaque has no problem making friends, but is forced by his mother to toughen up. Finally, in Kenya, a five-month-old elephant has a limited window in which to meet and bond with new families in the herd.

George Clarke’s Council House Scandal, C4, 9pm

GEORGE Clarke embarks on a campaign to kick start a housing revolution, and attempts to uncover the reasons for the steep decline in council house building. He meets visionary architects of the past, and visits the best and worst examples of housing on offer, including a trip to Vienna, where social housing can come with indoor and outdoor pools. Back in the UK, Clarke challenges Government to reform housing policy, before taking matters into his own hands.

Inside the Secret World of Incels , BBC1, 11.35pm

INCELS, short for involuntary celibates, are sexually frustrated young men who have found support among one another on the net. They have also been linked to multiple mass murders and hate crimes against women. As well as explaining how an online ideology can push young men into disturbing behaviour, this film unearths some of the reasons for the community’s existence, including mental health problems and autism.