PROTESTERS took to the streets yesterday in a bid to make sure the new Prime Minister knew exactly what they thought of him.

Rumours over the weekend suggested Boris Johnson was going to be in Glasgow. A protest on the steps of the city’s Buchanan Galleries, rapidly organised, by the Radical Independence Campaign drew dozens of activists.

Meanwhile, a group of three, including Sean Clerkin, staged a small protest outside Faslane.

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The SNP’s Yes Scotland campaign drove a billboard around Glasgow, with the now infamous Johnson quote that a “pound spent in Croydon is far more valuable to the country than a pound spent in Strathclyde”.

The Prime Minister, however, was able to avoid all confrontation with the great Scottish public, until later on in the afternoon when he was in Edinburgh.

As soon as the world’s media started pitching up cameras outside Bute House, it became obvious where he was heading.

Crowds gathered and booed loudly. So loud that half an hour later Johnson became the first ever Prime Minister to leave Bute House via the back door.