BORIS Johnson has lavished praise on Ruth Davidson, insisting he will work to help her become the next first minister.

The frosty relationship between the two has become positively glacial in recent days.

Last week, the Prime Minister humiliated the Scottish Tory chief by ignoring her very public plea to keep David Mundell in his post as Secretary of State for Scotland.

Instead, the veteran minister was replaced the by rookie MP Alister Jack.

Over the weekend, Davidson, who previously described Johnson of having a “bumble-bluster, kitten smirk, tangent-bomb” routine, insisted she wouldn’t back a no-deal Brexit.

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The new Prime Minister has vowed that, “do or die”, the UK will leave the EU on October 31 even if no withdrawal agreement has been reached. All ministers in his cabinet are expected to commit to this.

In her column, Davidson insisted her position in the Scottish Parliament was independent of Westminster and that she did not have to sign any no-deal pledge.

“I don’t think the UK Government should pursue a no-deal Brexit, and if it comes to it, I won’t support it,” she said.

Asked about Davidson during his visit to Faslane, the Prime Minister said he was “lost in admiration” at what she had achieved in Scotland.

“I’m a number one fan of Ruth Davidson and what she’s done for Scottish Conservatives.

“It’s she who is taking the fight to the Scottish nationalists, those who would destroy the Union. She’s been fantastically successful and I admire her brand of Conservatism very much.

“Indeed, she and I share a huge range of political beliefs and our core philosophy is the same.”

He added: “I am totally with Ruth in her political ambitions. I hope she succeeds here in Scotland. I’ll be doing absolutely everything I can to assist her.”

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In a statement released following the meeting between the two in her Scottish Parliament offices, Davidson said: “On Brexit, the Prime Minister has made clear the Government’s preference is to leave the European Union with a deal. I back him wholeheartedly in that aim.”

She said the SNP’s “warnings about no deal are utterly hypocritical”.

“Rather than complain from the sidelines, it’s time the First Minister worked with colleagues across the UK, and supported a deal that delivers on the referendum result, gives clarity to Scottish business, delivers for the Scottish fishing industry, and works for us all.”