Counting Tigers: A Survival Special STV, 9pm

ACCORDING to recent figures, it’s estimated there are fewer than 4000 wild tigers left on the planet. These iconic animals are struggling to survive in an ever-changing world where man’s needs take priority over nature. One country holds the key to the tiger’s survival, India, which is at the heart of the largest-ever wildlife survey. The nation’s big cat experts want to know exactly how many tiger live there in a bid to work out whether they have a future: if numbers go down, it could spell the end, but if they go up, there is hope that these majestic creatures could be saved.

Save Money: Good Diet, STV, 7.30pm

WHAT is the UK’s number one favourite family dish? Here’s a chance to find out as the votes have been counted and a top 10 countdown reveals all. Chef Phil Vickery will be rustling up his own healthy, low-cost version. Will a couple manage to recreate Vickery’s winning dish at home in their kitchen? That remains to be seen, but we can tell you that in this final episode Sian Williams and nutrition therapist Ian Marber look at the latest food trends.

Inside the Factory, BBC2, 8pm

GREGG Wallace visits a cherry Bakewell factory in Stoke-on-Trent that produces 250,000 tarts every day, and meets the team of 12 employed to precisely place the cherries on top by hand. Cherry Healey learns the tricks of avoiding a soggy pastry bottom when baking at home and visits a factory where almonds are roasted and milled to make butter. Historian Ruth Goodman discovers the origins of frangipane as a perfume in 17th-century Paris and discovers how the modern cherry Bakewell recipe was arrived at by accident.

The Chefs’ Brigade, BBC2, 9pm

JASON Atherton takes 10 chefs from pubs, cafes and caterers across the UK on a culinary journey across Europe, and gives them a crash course in preparing food fit for the finest restaurants. The first destination is Puglia in southern Italy, where food is prepared on the principle of making the most of what is to hand.