The National:

SCOTLAND gave Prime Minister Boris Johnson exactly the welcome he deserved as he arrived at Bute House for a meeting with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The boos rang out for the Tory leader – who made his way there after hiding at the Faslane Naval Base earlier in the day.

But perhaps the most amusing part – and most humiliating for Boris Johnson – was Sturgeon's reaction to his back-patting attempt.

The two leaders, after letting their other guests in, are preparing to go inside, and Johnson extends his arm, seemingly waiting for Sturgeon to enter so he can pat her on the back.

As Doug Daniel put it on Twitter: "The best bit about this clip is Johnson holding his arm out to try the alpha male back pat thing (think Cameron and Clegg in 2010 walking into 10 Downing Street), and Nicola just having none of it."

Johnson may be used to the Scottish Tories doing everything they can to appease him, desperate to keep their jobs and scrap of influence in the party, but he found none of that here.

And we'll let the First Minister's body language speak for itself.