JEREMY Corbyn has said he is “not in the slightest” bit worried about going up against Boris Johnson in a general election.

The Labour leader said the party has most candidates selected in marginal constituencies and a “summer campaign plan” is in place. Labour also has many policy announcements ready, according to Corbyn.

Asked if he was worried about an election up against, the Labour leader told Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday: “Not in the slightest. We’ll go out there and we’ll make our case. I don’t get involved in personal abuse, I don’t make any personal abuse, I don’t do personal, as far as I’m concerned the issues are too serious.”

“I’ve got my summer campaign plan in place, we’ve got most of our candidates selected in all our marginal constituencies.

“We have many other policy announcements in place, particularly the ones on the Green Industrial Revolution and the Green New Deal that we’re putting forward, and working out more details on our health and social care policies.

“But fundamentally it’s about reducing inequality in Britain and about investing in good quality sustainable jobs for the future through the Green Energy Revolution.”

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Corbyn would not say exactly when he would call a vote of no confidence against Johnson but said he would “look at the situation” when Parliament returns in September.

He added: “Parliament gets back in September and I think it’s at that point we will look at the situation. But it’s also up to the Prime Minister and what he decides to do as well because if he is trying to take us out on a no-deal Brexit at the end of October we will oppose that.

“I can guarantee you this, we will do everything to prevent a no-deal Brexit, we will do everything to challenge this Government, and we will do it at a time of our choosing.”

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Asked about a recent BBC Panorama documentary on anti-Semitism allegations in the Labour Party, Corbyn said: “I was upset at the feelings of some of our former staff, what they said. I was upset at the way the programme was characterised and presented, and we have put in some complaints surrounding that.”

Tory party co-chairman James Cleverly said: “Today Jeremy Corbyn confirmed that all Labour have to offer the British people on Brexit is more delay and more confusion, demonstrating that they cannot deliver on the issues that make a real difference to people’s lives.

“Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives can secure a great new deal for Britain and get the country back on the road to a brighter future.”