DONALD Trump wants the Tories to join forces with the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage has claimed.

The two men met earlier this week at a rally where the president described Boris Johnson as “Britain Trump”.

Polls published over the weekend show that the new Prime Minister’s staunch “do or die” commitment to Brexit by October 31, deal or no deal, has all dented support for Farage’s party.

The Deltapoll survey for the Mail on Sunday showed the Tories up an astonishing 10 points to stand at 30%.

That puts them five points ahead of Labour at 25%, with the LibDems on 18% and the Brexit Party on 14%.

Former Ukip leader Farage said: “Having been one of his most outspoken and loyal supporters, the president is supportive of me, he likes Boris and he wants to see Brexit delivered. He’s a numbers man and thinks if we worked together we would be unstoppable.”

Sources close to Farage said he had briefed Trump on his proposal for an electoral pact.

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The Brexit Party leader has previously said he urged Johnson to call an election to “change the arithmetic” in the Commons.

On Tuesday night, Trump claimed Johnson and Farage were going to “work well” together and could do some “tremendous things”.

“Trump could try to force Boris to form a pact with Farage,” one Farage ally said.

The US president said over the weekend that Johnson “will be a great prime minister”. He added: “We’re working already on a trade agreement. We were actually impeded by their relationship with the European Union ... and I think we can do three to four, five times the trade.”

The National:

Last month, at a mass rally in Birmingham, the Brexit Party announced plans to have candidates in place for all 650 parliamentary seats by the middle of July.

There has, however, been little detail of candidates released publicly.

Louis Steadman-Bryce, the party’s MEP in Scotland, is known to have been longlisted as a potential candidate for a Westminster seat.

Farage’s party faces its first real electoral test on Thursday at the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election. The LibDems are the favourites to win, with Plaid Cymru and the Greens not standing as part of a pro-remain pact.

The by-election is unusual. It was triggered when sitting Tory MP Chris Davies was convicted of two counts of making false expenses claims.

He pleaded guilty to splitting the £700 cost of photographs at his constituency office between two budgets with fake invoices. He was fined £1500 and told to do 50 hours’ community service.

Local voters used new recall legislation to force him out, with more than 10,000 voters backing a petition to remove him, nearly double the number required.

He is only the second MP, and the first Tory, to be ousted under the recall rule.

Incredibly, the local Conservative Party then reselected him as its candidate for the by-election.

If Davies does lose his seat then Johnson’s working majority of two will fall to just one.

The Brexit Party candidate is Des Parkinson, a former police chief superintendent.

“It was a big mistake to have Davies as the candidate”, Parkinson said.

In 2016, the constituency voted to leave the EU by 51.86% to 48.14%, mirroring the UK result.