Young, British and Depressed: Dispatches, C4, 8pm

WITH one in eight young people aged five to 19 having a mental disorder, demand for access to mental health services is at an all-time high and antidepressant use is on the increase. Sanah Ahsan investigates what is fuelling the crisis and what treatment is available for young people, and whether it is over-reliant on antidepressants.

How to Break into the Elite, BBC2, 9pm
AMOL Rajan’s relatively humble background as the son of Indian immigrants hasn’t hurt his career; he’s now the BBC’s media editor. But does his story prove that with talent and hard work anyone can break into Britain’s elite professions, or is he the exception to the rule that your chances are still determined by where you come from? In this one-off documentary, Amol follows working-class lads Amaan and Elvis, who are struggling in their quest to become city boys, among others.

Who Do You Think You Are? BBC1, 9pm
ACTRESS Naomie Harris’ dramatic discoveries in this edition of the show in which celebrities research their family trees inspires her to anger, sadness and tears of joy. On a journey from Trinidad to Grenada to Jamaica, she learns of her great-great-great-great grandfather’s involvement in the exploitation of so-called liberated Africans shortly after the abolition of slavery and uncovers a family story of tragic poverty in Jamaica’s capital of Kingston.

Executed on the Streets: Gang Wars, Channel 5, 10pm
BRITAIN’S underworld has no respect for boundaries, as this documentary reveals. Among those featured is Darren, who found himself the target of an underworld attack, a shooting in which his friend was killed. Angry and desperate for retribution, he reveals how a revenge plot was hatched, but how that too ended up killing the wrong man. We also meet Chet, a hardman who used violence to protect the interest of Newcastle’s gang leaders.