IT’S understood Boris Johnson is to make his first visit to Scotland on Monday.

Downing Street have remained tight-lipped on details, but reports suggest the new Prime Minister could be bringing members of his cabinet to Glasgow.

It’s not clear if he’ll meet with Nicola Sturgeon, one of the city’s MSPs, during his visit.

Parliament is currently on recess, and Johnson is spending the next week on a tour of the country trying to rally support for his promise to leave the EU on October 31, deal or no deal.

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The campaign-like nature of the Prime Minister’s visits has fuelled speculation that he is gearing up for a snap General Election.

Yesterday, however, he insisted that was not the case.

“The British people voted in 2015, in 2016, in 2017,” he said during a visit to a police training centre in Birmingham.

“What they want us to do is deliver on their mandate, come out of the EU on October 31.

“They don’t want another electoral event, they don’t want a referendum, they don’t want a General Election. They want us to deliver.”

The trip to Glasgow is to kick off the start of a “tour of the Union”.

There was little enthusiasm among the city’s politicians for the visit.

The SNP’s Alison Thewliss urged the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to come and see the true scale of the city’s drugs problems, and to then reconsider their opposition to changing the UK’s drug laws.

The National:

She told The National: “Scotland is in the midst of a public health emergency with regards drug-related deaths.

“I have written to the new Prime Minister about this matter already, and I would urge him to see the scale of the problem for himself when he visits Glasgow.

“People are continuing to inject drugs in back-lanes, bin sheds and on waste ground – indeed, this is happening in locations very close to my constituency office.”

“Recent National Records of Scotland data shows that Scotland saw an increase of 27% in its drug-related deaths last year. We need a Safer Drug Consumption Facility to be set up urgently – it is a vital part of the wider response that is required to properly tackle this issue.

“I implore the Prime Minister to do the right thing; grant the necessary legal exemptions and help us save as many lives as possible”.

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Labour’s Paul Sweeney (below) said the new Tory leader should speak to some of those at the “sharp end” of his government’s policies.

He said: “This new and even more extreme right-wing Cabinet under Boris Johnson should start their visit to Glasgow by visiting some of the asylum seeker residents in our city who are living in fear for their lives because of this government’s xenophobic hostile environment policies, which are about to cause mass destitution.

“They should then go to Springburn and speak to those suffering under Universal Credit, those who have been thrown on the industrial scrapheap with the closure of the Caley Railway Works, and the pensioners at the Alive and Kicking Club at Red Road, devastated that their free access to the BBC has been stripped from them, and their club starved of vital grant funding.

The National:

“Perhaps if they actually spoke to those at the sharp end of the Government’s brutal policies then they might finally begin to realise the economic and social vandalism they are causing.”

However, Scottish Tory MSP Annie Wells, said she thought Glasgow might actually like Johnson.

She told The National: “As with any new leader, people in Glasgow will be keen to see him visit their city, and want to hear what he has to say.

“Glaswegians aren’t easily led or spun – they’ll judge Boris by his words and actions as Prime Minister and make up their own minds as to what they think.

“The SNP will do its predictable rabble-rousing and scare-mongering, but I think Boris will like Glasgow and Glasgow will like him.”

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Labour’s Anas Sarwar (below) was less convinced.

“Boris Johnson is not very good with detail.

“He has blundered his way into Downing Street through his talent for buffoonery and bombast.

“But here’s one key detail for the new Prime Minister: 66.6% of people in Glasgow voted to remain in the EU.

“And now that the lies of Mr Johnson’s Leave campaign have been exposed, I suspect the figure is even higher.

“When his visits this city, the new Tory leader should go and meet the NHS staff who are overworked because EU nationals are leaving their jobs, the families relying on foodbanks following years of Tory austerity that will only get worse after a hard Brexit, and the young pupils and students whose opportunities will be taken away from them if we leave the EU.

The National:

“He should talk to the people of Glasgow who are sick and tired of constitutional divisions and want to build bridges, not barriers.

“And if he is visiting the most diverse city in Scotland, he should get out and see the diverse people and communities that make Glasgow and listen to how they feel about his use of Islamophobic and racist language that seeks to create a dangerous ‘us’ versus ‘them’.

“He should listen and learn from the people of Glasgow.”

Comic Janey Godley said Johnson should spend a shift working with Help The Homeless Glasgow on their free food stall.

“He should call everyone ‘dude’ as they arrive to get dinner for their kids and see how that works out for him.”

Earlier this week pro-independence campaigners organised a protest against Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister.

Recent polls suggested he still has much to do to win over Scots.

A YouGov survey published earlier this week revealed that 65% of Scottish voters believe he will be a “poor” or “terrible” Prime Minister.