THOSE who know the Yes movement are aware that while SNP members and supporters are a major component, they are not the controllers or the totality of the movement, not by a long chalk.

The Yes DIY hub has been reminded, however, that there is an ongoing initiative started by the SNP which everyone in the Yes movement should take their time to sign up to.

We were asked how the “it’s time for independence” campaign is going – the one on where people electronically sign a pledge to support independence.

It’s pleasing to report that as of last night, almost 260,000 people had signed the pledge, well on the way to the target figure of 300,000.

Remember what SNP deputy leader Keith Brown said when launching it: “Nicola Sturgeon has updated the nation on our next steps to independence.

“Within this term of the Scottish Parliament, her view is that the people of Scotland should have a choice between Brexit and a future as an independent, European nation.

“To make that possible, the Scottish Government will now put in place the legislation required to have a referendum.”

Here’s what it says on the website: “Westminster isn’t working for Scotland. We’ve been ignored too often. It’s time for a fresh start – to choose a different and better path. As an independent country, Scotland’s future will be in Scotland’s hands.

“Together, we can make Scotland the country we all know it can be.”