CONFUSION reigned last night over the future of All Under One Banner (AUOB) after its founder, Neil Mackay, resigned from his position on its national executive pending an internal investigation.

The organisation said tomorrow’s march and rally in Campbeltown was no longer an AUOB event but former director of operations Manny Singh, who was sacked by AUOB last weekend, said an event would still take place.

AUOB issued the following statement: “As of today, Neil Mackay of AUOB formally resigned his position pending an internal investigation. The AUOB team will continue because AUOB is, and has always been, bigger than any one person. However, due to events over the last 10 days, the AUOB team cannot access funds to pay for the transportation of equipment and cannot pay the bus operator as our bank account is in the name of AUOB Scotland Ltd (set up to serve an administrative function for the AUOB organisation) which is now in the sole control of Mandeep Singh.

“The team at AUOB will do what is possible to attempt to recover the funds in the account but have unfortunately been informed that it is a legal quagmire, given the sole director has 100% of available company shares, and have been advised that without his co-operation there may be little we can do.

“It is understood by the AUOB team that the expelled member will continue with this event. Albeit expelled from the AUOB organisation by a democratic majority vote, he remains the named organiser for the Campbeltown event. In the circumstances it is with deep regret that the AUOB team must announce that the Campbeltown march and rally for Scottish independence is no longer an AUOB event.”

Singh was adamant AUOB had no power to dismiss him. He told The National: “The Campbeltown march and rally goes ahead with the usual stewarding team in place.”