Ross Kemp Living with Homelessness, STV, 7.30pm

IN this new four-part series, the actor and reporter travels across the UK to meet people living with some of the biggest issues of today. Kemp will immerse himself in situations to gain a taste of the difficulties they face, and highlight what is really going on, often unnoticed, under the nose of mainstream society. To kick things off, he endures the coldest night of the year with some of Cardiff’s rough sleepers. He also meets people from families torn apart by homelessness and uncovers alarming facts about the UK Government’s understanding of the size of the homeless population.

Serengeti, BBC1, 8pm

THE great migration leads to a series of confrontations for the families on the great Savannah. Tragedy strikes for lioness Kali, forcing her to make a difficult decision. Bakari challenges the jealous leader of the baboon troop, leading to a violent battle, and elephant mother Nalla has to decide the future of her badly behaved teenager Tembo. Shani the zebra mother has no choice but to cross the river, fully aware a crocodile is waiting – and if he does not get her, the currents might well sweep her away.

Fake or Fortune? BBC1, 9pm

PHILIP Mould and Fiona Bruce investigate an 18th-century painting which might be a lost landscape by master of the genre Thomas Gainsborough. The piece has been in the family of owner Mark Cropper for generations and until the 1970s it was considered to be a Gainsborough. However, a valuation downgraded it to a Barker of Bath. Philip is intrigued by this piece as it’s a landscape he recognises. Mark’s picture looks like a famous print by Gainsborough, copied from one of his paintings, believed to be lost for many years. Could it be the real deal?

Sewer Men, STV, 9pm

THIS two-part documentary follows the sewer workers at West Midlands water company Severn Trent, as they unblock thousands of toilets and drains, and delve down sewers clogged with all sorts of waste. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it and, as it turns out, they love their work. Severn Trent’s chief executive goes into emergency mode to keep the taps flowing and sort out water leaks during the driest summer in decades.