The National:

THERE'S a long-running theory that Queen Elizabeth uses her fashion choices to send coded messages. 

Allegedly, the monarch picks her brooches based on the theme of the day. There's also a theory that on the opening of parliament in 2017, she purposefully wore a hat resembling the EU flag. And when US President Donald Trump visited her during his state visit, she supposedly opted for jewellery with secret messages about protecting oneself from evil. 

Now, we may have spotted the latest addition to Lizzie's line of politically charged fashion statements. In the official palace photograph of the Queen and Boris Johnson, taken after she invited him to form a government, she's holding a handbag with an interesting clasp on it ...

The National:

Does the symbol not look familiar to you?

Maybe remind you of a certain political party?

The National:

We weren't the only ones who noticed ... SNP MP Alison Thewliss spotted the resemblance pretty quickly. 

After all, the Queen is heading to Balmoral for several months in a few weeks ... could she be planning a relocation?

Considering royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell's constant repetitions of how important the Union is to the Queen during the BBC's coverage of Boris' appointment, it certainly would be controversial if Big Liz decided to pack it all in and back independence.

But you never know ... with Boris Johnson our new PM, surely anything is possible.