A JEWISH Scottish Labour activist who has called out anti-Semitism in her party has quit as a Westminster candidate with immediate effect.

Rhea Wolfson announced on Twitter that she had stepped down as the candidate for Livingston to concentrate on her job as a GMB Scotland organiser.

In 2017, the Jeremy Corbyn supporter increased Labour’s vote in the seat, as the SNP’s majority fell from around 17,000 to 4000.

The constituency has been held since 2015 by the SNP MP Hannah Bardell.

Wolfson’s exit leaves Scottish Labour with a vacancy in the target seat as speculation grows that Boris Johnson may be forced to hold an early election because of the continued Commons impasse over Brexit.

In a letter to Scottish General Secretary Brian Roy, Wolfson said her union job required “huge dedication in terms of time and energy”.

She said: “Given the value I place on my GMB work and the competing demands of running for parliament... I feel I must make the choice to stand down as the Labour candidate.”

In her tweet, she added: “I can’t wait to support any future candidate taking on Boris Johnson’s Government.”

Wolfson was last year criticised by blogger Gareth Wardell on his Grouse Beater site, in an attack branded anti-Semitic by his critics, leading to his expulsion from the SNP.