Remarkable Places to Eat, BBC2, 8pm

LEADING chefs take maitre d’ and First Dates star Fred Sirieix to experience dining at their favourite restaurants and explore what goes into making them so special. This time, chef Tom Kerridge takes Fred Sirieix to his favourite restaurants in Edinburgh, including fine dining restaurant Kitchin. The following day, Tom takes Fred to a newcomer of the capitals restaurant scene housed in the old Newhaven fish market.

Orangutan Jungle School, C4, 8pm

CAMERAS return to follow staff at the world’s biggest orangutan rehabilitation centre. In the first episode, an anonymous tip sends the team to a remote Indonesian village. Later three-month-old Monita joins the rest of the orphans at the school, which teaches rescued orangutans the skills they need to survive. Among them is snow white Alba, the world’s only known albino orangutan.

Casualty 24/7, C5, 9pm

A BUSY night shift at Barnsley Hospital’s A&E department has left the team coping with too many patients and not enough beds. Paul, 67, has been brought in as he is struggling to breathe. Registrar Dr Nick Mani’s workload doubles when paramedics bring in 72-year-old Russell, who has severe chest pains. Meanwhile Sister Benita Wainwright is caring for 31- year-old Cheryl, who has heart palpitations. And consultant Dr Dyfrig Hughes treats Michael, a patient who fell 10 feet from a ladder.

Our Cops in the North, BBC1, 10.35pm

OBSERVATIONAL documentary following the work of Northumbria Police across Newcastle, Sunderland and beyond, telling stories of the force’s officers and victims of crime. In the second edition, officers in Sunderland respond to the fatal stabbing of 62-year-old grandmother Joan Hoggett, who was killed in the shop that she worked in by 19-year-old Ethan Mountain. Meanwhile detectives try to trace the culprits behind a crime spree, who stole a pub jukebox, tip jar and charity box and while attempting to flee police stole a car.