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IT'S only been a few hours since somewhere in the region of the square root of hee haw voted for our next prime minister, but that hasn't stopped politicians from all over the UK and beyond typing out those tweets in a bid to put some#numbers on the board.

Whether congratulating through gritted teeth to sooking up to the new leader, and everything in between, below is political Twitter's reaction to the news Boris Johnson will be the next prime minister.

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The man himself kept it fairly simple, tweeting directly to the handful of people who voted for him. He must be saving the culturally insensitive quips for another day.

The man he defeated excruciatingly used "4" to mean "four" and had no full stops, yet ended with an 90s emoji which used up three characters!

Theresa May's tweet, meanwhile, was as dull as you'd expect.


Ian Blackford simply retweeted the SNP's video which said Scotland must have a choice under a Boris Brexit Britain.

The leader of the opposition in name only pointed out the small amount of votes Boris required in order to move his new furniture into No 10...

...before taking the bold move to call for another General Election, despite his party's terrible polling results. 

Arlene Foster, the leader of the party Johnson will be tasked with bribing again soon should he wish to cling on to the current volatile parliamentary arithmetic, said she looked forward to working with Johnson to deliver Brexit and restore devolution.

The new leader of the LibDem, who earlier in the day ruled out working in coalition with the Tories for a second time, said that Britain deserves better.

Plaid Cymru's leader at Westminster took a slightly different tack, thanking the new PM for his "gift" to Welsh independence.

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party's sole MP, like Corbyn pointed to the tiny number of votes it required to elect the worst foreign secretary ever as the next prime ministerh.


In a series of tweets, Nicola Sturgeon fired off a blog-post length post in which she congratulated Johnson before banging on about independence...

... *thought Ruth Davidson before tweeting about independence*

Following Davidson's lead, in a bid to use as many words while making as few salient points as possible (you're welcome...), Richard Leonard posted a screenshot of words typed into another platform which allows him to use more redundant characters. In the same way a footballer does when he leaves a club, thanking everyone who supported them during their four and a half month loan spell.

Patrick Harvie, meanwhile, used the hashtag #NotMyPM, which is definitely  going to make a difference...

Willie Rennie (who I genuinely just forgot about when searching for the Scottish LibDem leader there), rounded off the smoking-hot Twitter content by joking about possibly the only thing worse than a Boris Brexit Britain.


Remember the guy who pretty much ruled out serving under Johnson, only to squirm on camera when he changed his mind?

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Aye, well he said we should all unite behind his new leader.

The second part of the punchline of that 2015 joke, which few of us thought would actually come true, has predicted Boris "will be great!!". We look forward to him pretending he never said this after the shitshow that is about to unfold.

Following in the footsteps of her father, some questionable spelling in a now-deleted tweet from Ivanka.

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... and finally, I we've saved parhaps the weirdest tweet of the day for last:

To think that man was in with a shout of becoming prime minister not so long ago...