Ackley Bridge, C4, 8pm

RUKHSANA gets revenge on her controlling brother, but it does her little good when he walks out on her, leaving her to face a visit from the debt collectors alone. The family crisis presents Kaneez with her first challenge as a student support officer, and she strives to reunite the siblings. Candice attacks Dan, which leads Sian to exclude her, but Mandy steps in to reveal that he had played a cruel sexual prank on her and that Cory was also involved.

The Great Gardening Challenge, C5, 8pm
NICKI Chapman and Diarmuid Gavin host the last of the heats, in which two pairs of horticultural designers are challenged to create a garden for Focus Birmingham Day Care Centre, which offers support and activities for people with severe physical and visual disabilities. The episode pits two recent garden design graduates who have never collaborated on a project before against a team with years of experience and the awards to show for it, who each have a budget of £5,000 to create something spectacular.

Keeping Faith, BBC1, 9pm
EVE Myles has helped prop up some of the best dramas of the past decade, including Torchwood, Broadchurch and Cold Feet. However, this was the series that really proved she was capable of carrying a show, and she helped boost sales of yellow raincoats into the bargain. The crime drama picks up the story 18 months after her husband Evan returned to Abecorran in time to see his wife in the arms of Baldini.

How the Middle Classes Ruined Britain, BBC2, 9pm
IN this one-off film, Geoff Norcott, a working-class Tory and Leave-voting comedian, attempts to expose the middle-class hypocrisy he believes is ruining Britain. For him, the Brexit vote revealed how one group of people have had things their way for too long. He thinks the middle classes have been living in a bubble, pretending to care about wider society, while working the system to ensure they stay a few rungs up the ladder.