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SNP MP Tommy Sheppard is better known for blocking harmful Westminster policies than blocking jump shots, but he's decided to take his talents to American basketball nonetheless.

At least, that's what one fan site of the Washington Wizards NBA team seems to think.

The team promoted interim manager Tommy Sheppard to full-time general manager recently – but, rest assured, the pro-indy MP hasn't actually swapped three-point plans for three-point shots.

That hasn't stopped the "Wizards Nation" fan page working him into their (very well-made) graphics on Instagram, however.

Yes, that really is SNP MP Tommy Sheppard posing in front of basketball player Bradley Beal. And it started as early as July 8...


Thomas Bryant is exactly the kind of player Tommy Shepard and our team's front office want. 💯👊 -- Follow @WizardsNationCP if you’re a real Wizards fan!

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At this point, many of us will be wondering whether this is some bizarre inside joke – though the comments on the post certainly don't suggest so.

It's a possibility still, given that Tommy Sheppard, general manager of the NBA team, doesn't look too much like his politicial namesake, to put it mildly.

The National: Tommy Sheppard, general manager of the Washington WizardsTommy Sheppard, general manager of the Washington Wizards

All we need to know now is basketball Sheppard's stance on Scottish independence...