THE front-runner to be the next Prime Minister plans to launch a Scottish "charm offensive" with a speech and visit to Scotland.

Boris Johnson will reportedly head north of the border to attempt to reinforce the Union if selected.

Sources within the Conservative party claim this will be one of his main priorities as PM, alongside securing a Brexit deal. It's expected that a visit to Scotland to promote the Union would likely take place next week or over the weekend.

Supporters of Johnson told The Herald that a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon would depend on her schedule, though they are keen to “avoid the imagery” of meeting the First Minister on the steps of Bute House.

“He does not want to come across as a colonial consul-general surrounded by a mass of saltires,” stated one MP.

Speaking on strengthening the Union, one backbencher claimed “The charm offensive will begin pretty quickly. He will be coming to Scotland within days and the expectation is he will make a keynote speech as part of his wider aim to strengthen the Union. He needs to send a positive message to Scotland early on; he is very well aware of that.”

Plans to counter growing support for independence in Scotland include setting up a Union Unit, increasing ministerial resources to the Scotland Office and circumventing the elected Scottish Government by directly funding projects in Scotland.

He also plans to add the words “Minister for the Union” to his prime ministerial title.

The next Prime Minister, as elected by Conservative party members, will be announced tomorrow.