TWO suffragette badges dating from 1910 and a modern banner protesting against the new Edinburgh trams are part of a collection celebrating 30 years of the People’s Story Museum in Edinburgh.

Now one of the UK’s leading social history museums, it was considered radical when it first opened its doors as it was concerned with the lives of the “ordinary” people of the city rather than the rich and famous.

The Making of the Museum explores the story behind its creation at a time when social history was emerging as a new discipline and there was growing interest in the history of the working classes.

The exhibition features recent acquisitions as well as objects to handle and a dressing up area for children.

Highlights include two suffragette badges dating from around 1910, which belonged to the prominent Edinburgh suffragist, Agnes “Nannie” Brown.

The museum, in Canongate, is open from 10-am-5pm each day