The future of the All Under One Banner group which has organised a series of marches and rallies for independence across Scotland will be decided at a crunch meeting in Glasgow tomorrow.

The National can reveal that an increasingly bitter feud between AUOB’s founder Neil Mackay and its director of operations Manny Singh is behind the infighting which has exploded into what can only be described as an existential crisis for the organisation which has successfully taken the cause of independence onto the streets of Scotland in spectacular fashion.

Both men have their supporters within AUOB, and such is the strength of feeling on both sides that those aware of what is happening have concluded that the group may not survive, at least not in its present form.

One very senior member of the nationalist community said simply: “Nothing fails like success.”

One of the reasons for the fallout is understood to be the recent decision by Mackay to help establish an AUOB sub-group in Northern Ireland to march and rally for a united Ireland, or at least a referendum on the issue. Singh is believed to be opposed to such a development.

The National can also reveal that after being told he was facing action against him, Singh took steps to remove names from the directorship of AUOB Scotland Ltd, the company he established.

Rumours of financial misdealings have hampered AUOB virtually from the start, but there is no suggestion of anyone personally profiting from donations to what is an avowedly not-for-profit organisation.

AUOB has, however, lodged a case in the small claims court alleging that a supplier failed to deliver his promised services. The sum involved is said to be in four figures.

Mackay tweeted yesterday morning that Singh had been suspended from AUOB’s national executive. It is not known whether the AUOB national executive carried out the suspension. All mention of Singh has also been removed from the AUOB Facebook page.

The statement says the suspension is “pending a hearing to investigate significant grounds of gross misconduct.”

The tweet adds: “We cannot give further details at this time as it is an ongoing investigation. Since being suspended this week Mandeep has acted further against AUOB Scotland Ltd. This has been reported to Companies House who are now investigating this matter as we speak.

“Following the scheduled disciplinary hearing on Sunday 21st July we will be in a position to comment further. Therefore to reiterate, Mandeep Singh is officially suspended and thus is not authorised or supported by AUOB in any form of duties in relation to marches and rallies. And our next rally in Campbeltown on 27th July will be going ahead as planned and Gary Kelly will be the lead for this rally.

“As stated we will update again re this matter after Sunday’s hearing. Thank you for your support and patience at this time.”

Singh responded with his own statement: “I would like to take this opportunity to clarify and reiterate to you all that my position within the AUOB National Executive remains as it was previously. I am and will remain to be an integral part of AUOB.

“One man does not make a party nor does one man have the ability to make decisions without full consultation and dialogue with all the facts laid before the National Executive team.

“I, along with other team members, were removed and silenced from the AUOB page and chats - simply for daring not to side, agree or succumb to one member’s actions without the full facts. One person owning the AUOB page doesn’t own the AUOB brand and organisation as a whole.

“It is unfortunate, that the statement this morning was released - which in turn, has now led to suspicions and whisperings throughout the Yes movement causing unnecessary concerns.

At the beginning of the week, I had made arrangements to organise and set up a meeting for all of the AUOB team to discuss in full the concerns I had made clear. This was made clear to all members within the team and that, like any other business or group would be set by an agenda and anyone with concerns would be able to raise them within the meeting.

“Therefore, the statement released today is a deflection and a smoke screen of the facts. Trying to turn public opinion against myself. The Yes movement is made up of a variety of people who aren’t easily fooled and will judge all actions taken unbiased, who then will make up their own minds once the full facts have firstly been received by the full National Executive team and then escalated to the wider Yes Movement.

“I cannot and will not go into more detail, at this moment, as it would not be prudent in its approach and outwith guidelines set by all in the National Executive at our AGM meeting held in Glasgow in November last year. Please be patient. A further statement will be released after the meeting on Sunday.

“Can I take the opportunity at this time to thank everyone for their kind messages and reassure you that the Campbeltown March and Rally will go ahead as planned.”

The three main personalities in the current AUOB crisis

The National: Manny SinghManny Singh

Since it beginnings in 2014, it is no secret that All Under One Banner has occasionally been riven by what can only be described as faction fighting and personality clashes that are unfortunately typical of most grass roots political movements.

AUOB really is a genuine grass roots movement. It has no formal links to any political party though its leadership has or had connections. It has three main leaders - Neil Mackay, Manny Singh, and Gary Kelly.

The current crisis comes down to a serious falling out between AUOB founder Mackay and its suspended director of operations Mandip ‘Manny’ Singh. It appears that Gary Kelly has sided with Mackay at this stage of the crisis which is very unlikely to be sorted out tomorrow.

SNP member Singh is the man who is currently facing criminal charges as he was the organiser of the giant Glasgow march in early May. It was Singh who stepped in last year after former AUOB member Bill McKinnon alleged financial misdealings, Singh bringing in security systems to ensure all donations were accounted for.

As founder, Mackay holds a lot of sway in the group, and is known to be unhappy at some of Singh’s recent conduct though Singh says the same about Mackay.

Kelly, the former election agent of Tommy Sheridan, may yet hold the balance of power.