The National:

AS self-appointed “minister for the Union” in waiting, it’s clear what will be at the top of Boris Johnson’s agenda when he parks his penny-farthing outside Number 10.

The Conservative Party leadership frontrunner, predicted to become prime minister on Wednesday, has identified strengthening the Union as a top priority – alongside dealing with pesky, non-existent EU regulations on kippers.

And now he has offered the tantalising possibility of a visit to Scotland “within days” of taking over from Theresa May.

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Meeting with Scots Tory MPs on Wednesday, the former foreign secretary insisted he would “lead from the front” on the Union.

He will not, however, meet with Nicola Sturgeon at Bute House because he doesn’t want to look like a “visiting foreign dignitary”.

Nevertheless, Johnson is sure to be welcomed with a rousing reception – a new YouGov poll revealed just 62% of the population don’t trust the former London mayor. Impressive.

Winning Scots over will come in handy if Johnson is to stop Scotland becoming independent, especially considering support a Yes vote will rise to 53% if he succeeds May as PM, according a recent Panelbase survey.

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But, as Johnson’s former Brexit buddy Michael Gove infamously said, people are “sick of experts”.

And, judging by the response on Twitter, Scots are ecstatic about the prospect of a Johnson visit.

SNP MP Peter Grant led the welcome party.

Former Westminster colleague John Nicholson was impressed Johnson was matching Jeremy Corbyn's commitment to Scotland.

They weren't the only ones to welcome the news ...