The National:

IT's fair to say the Tory leadership race has been bizarre from start to finish, from Jeremy Hunt posing with Irn Bru to Scottish Tories backing Boris Johnson at the last minute.

But the latest incident might be the worst yet.

Johnson told a Conservative leadership hustings in Belfast that the UK "should not be terrified" of a no-deal Brexit, reassuring the audience that the UK will still be able to make Mars bars if we leave on October 31.

He said: "People say that after we leave there will be no drinking water and planes won't fly and I read the other day that the Ministry of Agriculture said that there will be no milk solids and glucose and whey to make the Mars bars on which our children depend.

"It is absolute nonsense I mean I make a confident prediction that whatever happens on November the 1st after we've come out the planes will fly, there will be clean drinking water, and there will be whey for our Mars bars because where there's a will there's a way, ladies and gentlemen."

Johnson is optimistic but last year, it was revealed that all confectionery imports in the UK, including Mars bars, would drastically increase in price as a consequence of a hard Brexit.

And representatives from the food industry warned Environment Scecretary Michael Gove that a no-deal Brexit may result in the country running out of Mars bars in a matter of weeks.

As they explained to Gove, two of the ingredients that are used to make Mars bars are imported and only take a few days to go off.

Therefore, should food imports be barred from entering the UK via the port of Dover in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Mars will be prevented from making the chocolate bar.

But is the biggest concern to come out of Brexit really whether we will still have Mars bars? 

Never mind the fact a no-deal Brexit is predicted to destroy the NHS or that the Scottish education system will be hit hard by the three year visas for EU nationals.

Watch Johnson's ridiculous claim below.