AN extra 20p-25p should be charged for each disposable cup sold in Scotland, experts have recommended.

A report by the Expert Panel on Environmental Charging and Other Measures also suggested drinks and disposable cups should be sold separately.

Ministers will now consider the move, which would cut down on the estimated 200 million single-use coffee cups discarded each year.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said: “Disposable cups present an obvious littering issue, but there is ever-growing awareness within our society of the impact single-use plastic has on our wider environment.

“The scale of the issue is also clear – as is the expert panel’s conclusion that no one measure alone will be effective: our approach to reducing single-cup use must involve a joined-up effort across government, business, communities and individuals.”

The panel said there is “no single solution” to cutting down on the use of disposable cups, and that promoting cultural and behavioural change is critical.

Campaign manager of Have You Got The Bottle, Jenni Hume, urged the Government to adopt the proposals.

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme, due to be introduced in 2021, will include drinks containers made of plastic and glass, and cans.