Serengeti, BBC1, 8pm

HUNGER starts to bite for the animals of the Serengeti, who are anticipating the arrival of the annual great migration. Kali the lioness and her sister entrust their cubs to new male babysitter Sefu, with near disastrous results, while Bakari the baboon is shocked when a trip across the river to collect crocodile eggs looks like ending in tragedy for his new female partner Cheka. A family of wild dogs moves in, led by male Jasari, who is ready to take advantage of the coming feast for his large litter of pups.

Britain’s Brexit Crisis, BBC1, 9pm

IN this report, the Panorama team investigates the complex politics surrounding Brexit and the possible outcomes of the current deadlock facing the UK Government. Nick Robinson discusses the subject with EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and the programme asks whether a public vote might be the only way to break a political stand-off in the UK. Also, with a new prime minister soon to be announced, BBC reporters analyse Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt’s Brexit policies.

The Other Two, E4, 10pm

THE US satire of the entertainment industry that takes a cynical look at fame and success concludes. During this season, we have seen things go well for Chase. The entire family is so proud of him, and they make sure they are there to share his big moment. But does he have the musical chops to live up to everyone’s high expectations? Meanwhile, Brooke and Cary both receive life-changing news.

A Cut Too Far? Male Circumcision, BBC1, 10.35pm

AN investigation into the rights and wrongs of male circumcision, one of the most common surgical procedures in the world. In the UK, thousands of baby boys are circumcised every year for religious or cultural reasons. But it is increasingly controversial. Journalist Adnan Sarwar, who was circumcised as an infant, presents this investigation into the operation and its safety, finding out whether it is an outmoded practice or a harmless expression of cultural and religious freedoms.