IT’S far too often that we are told that the elderly pensioners of this country are not in favour of independence.

Well anyone who was at the recent All Under One Banner (AUOB) march and rally in Ayr and who saw Isabel Wallace leading the march might beg to disagree.

For at the age of 86, Isabel strode proudly onto the Low Green as the lead marcher, awarded the place of honour for her lifelong campaigning for Scottish independence.

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So impressed were they with her contribution that Sean Mellon and Susy Robertson of AUOB visited Isabel at her home in Prestwick at the weekend to present her with flowers and souvenirs of a great day in Ayr.

Mellon told us: “We wanted to thank her for leading the march into the Low Green. We had a local volunteer meeting prior to the march and we asked people if they could help.

“Isabel volunteered right away but she said wasn’t sure if she could walk that far.

“We then got back in touch with her and asked if she had children or grandchildren to help her carry the flag, and her granddaughter Frances stepped up.

“Isabel has been campaigning for independence all her life and it seemed very appropriate to us that she could carry the flag in to the Low Green as she is the livin g proof that there are many pensioners out there who have campaigned for independence and are still doing so.

“She is an inspiration to us all.”

We echo that remark.