The Day We Walked on the Moon, STV, 9pm

IF you didn’t already know that this month marks the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s giant leap, the nations’ TV channels have been busy reminding us. ITV brings us this documentary, which combines spectacular footage with interviews from some key figures in the Apollo 11 mission. There are also contributions from Professor Brian Cox and Dr Brian May (appearing here in his guise as an astrophysicist).

Inside the Social Network: Facebook’s Difficult Year, BBC2, 9pm

DOCUMENTARY going behind the scenes at Facebook. The company has suffered a series of deepening scandals and intense media scrutiny, with data leaks, fake news and security hacks threatening the firm. Throughout this time, Facebook allowed the BBC to follow key members of the team trying to fix the problems and secure the platform.

Naughty!: The Life and Loves of Boris Johnson, Channel 5, 9.15pm

NEXT week, Boris Johnson will find out if he is to become Britain’s next prime minister. This programme examines the life and career of the politician, and features interviews with people who know him and journalists who have reported on him. It also asks whether some of the gaffes, scandals and amiable buffoonery associated with Boris represent the real person, or if they are part of a well-constructed act.

Drag SOS, C4, 10pm

THE Family Gorgeous are heading to Dudley in the West Midlands. They’ll be encouraging some of the inhabitants to unleash their inner fabulousness, starting with 20-year-old cinema worker Dominique. She was bullied at school which has left her with low self-confidence – but transforming her into an intergalactic space queen has a surprising effect. Meanwhile, Cheddar bonds with 20-year-old Jacob, who has recently come out, but whose nan still hopes it’s just a phase. Meanwhile, 61-year-old transwoman Alison has felt isolated since transitioning, but the family hopes to help her embrace her feminine side.