BORIS Johnson’s plan to make a trade deal with Donald Trump a top priority could “spell disaster for Scotland”, according to the SNP.

The party said that the pledge to prioritise a US trade deal, made shortly after the US president made a series of racist tweets directed at Democratic congresswomen, “speaks volumes” about how Boris Johnson would behave as prime minister.

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Johnson was widely criticised for his role in the resignation of ambassador Sir Kim Darroch, after the front-runner in the Conservative Party Leadership race refused to guarantee his future, after a series of leaked memos led to being bullied out of office by Trump.

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SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth said: “Donald Trump has already made clear that the NHS – and everything else – would be on the table in any trade discussions.

“Yet Boris Johnson wants to make a quick deal with Trump a top priority as Prime Minister.

“That’s the inevitable consequence of Boris Johnson’s desire to push through a No-Deal Brexit – that would leave the UK government in a weak and desperate position, ready to sign up to whatever bargain basement conditions Trump demanded.

“We’ve already seen Donald Trump bully the UK Ambassador out of his job – and Boris Johnson refusing to stand up for our diplomats.

“Just hours after Donald Trump’s staggering racist remarks about opposition politicians, and while the world is shocked at the US government keeping migrant children in cages, Boris Johnson wants to write him a blank cheque.

“A Trump-Johnson race-to-the-bottom partnership would be an utter catastrophe for Scotland – and it would put Scottish jobs and our NHS at risk.”