PRO-INDEPENDENCE not-for-profit group ayeMail has started an online crowdfunder to raise funds to buy new Yes flags for the independence movement.

The organisation based in the Scottish Borders has previously raised tens of thousands of pounds for independence campaign materials, and has already distributed over 20,000 flags, 3.2 million leaflets, and 300,000 Yes stickers.

Now ayeMail is seeking to raise £8000 to manufacture 5000 flags with a new Yes design. The new Yes logo was designed by the SNP to promote inclusivity, and they have granted ayeMail an exclusive licence to manufacture and distribute the flags to pro-independence groups all over Scotland.

AyeMail told the Yes DIY hub: “Since the 2016 referendum where Scotland voted 62% to remain, but nevertheless faces being dragged out of EU against its will by a Tory Westminster government, many pro-independence groups have re-formed to campaign for a second independence referendum.

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“The National Yes Registry estimates that there are over 200 such groups in Scotland, with most registered to communicate and co-ordinate using its IndyApp tablet and mobile phone app. ayeMail plans to use this network to distribute the new flags to groups, helping to identify the grassroots Yes movement with the new campaign for independence.

“Yes Scotland, the now-defunct campaign organisation formed for the 2014 referendum, distributed its original Yes logo under a Creative Commons licence, and it has proven popular with all-party and no-party pro-independence groups seeking to self-identify as part of the wider Yes movement.

“The new SNP-produced logo will not completely supplant the original, but it will represent the new campaign for independence. Recognising the need to connect the existing cross-party grassroots Yes movement to this campaign, ayeMail approached the SNP with a proposal to manufacture and distribute the new flags on a non-commercial, not-for-profit basis.

“The SNP gladly accepted the proposal, recognising both ayeMail’s expertise and its track record in distributing campaign materials for the Yes movement.”

A crowdfunder has been set up to raise the £8000 needed. Donations can been given at Each donor contributing £20 or more to the crowdfunder will be sent their own personal Yes flag by the second week of October.

Founder of ayeMail Lindsay Bruce said: “We really wanted to visually connect the grassroots movement to the new independence campaign, and the most effective way of doing that is to get the logo out to the many pro-independence marches and events taking place year-round.”