LIAM Gallagher has declared his love for Scotland after brother Noel said it “was like a third-world country”.

Noel, the elder brother, has sparked an online backlash after making the comments amid a spat with Lewis Capaldi.

Former Oasis co-star Liam, asked for his thoughts on Scotland on social media, replied: “I f***ing adore Scotland.”

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Having panned Noel for his comments, Scots on social media welcomed his brother’s affection.

“I feel I can speak on behalf of everyone, but Scotland adores you. The sound of a generation,” one replied.

Another added: “Unlike your daft brother apparently.”

“Good man,” one reply read.

“Likewise mate. As. You. Were,” another commenter said.

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The insults between Noel and Capaldi began when the Manchester-raised singer claimed he had never heard of the Scot during an interview on Radio X.

Capaldi played the clip and imitated Gallagher as he appeared on stage at Glastonbury in response.

Gallagher, speaking to Variety, subsequently said: "F****** Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes.

"The greatest day of his life that I slagged him off or called him an idiot.

"Well, I know you're Scottish and all that but f****** hell. It is like a third world country but for f***'s sake, man, you must have had a better day than this. Surely."

Capaldi reacted on Twitter by editing his face on to an image of Chewbacca and changing his name on the site to Chewis Capaldi.