THE Paddle Steamer Waverley looks set take to the seas once again after two new boilers were ordered.

Two months ago, the decision was made to withdraw the iconic steamship from service following the shock announcement that it needed brand new steam boilers to continue sailing.

In June, a major appeal was launched to gather the cash required.

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Waverley Excursions general manager, Paul Semple, commented “Thanks to the initial donations received towards our ‘Boiler Refit Appeal’ we have placed an order and paid the deposit for two new boilers to be built for Waverley.

"This is just the first vital step in returning Waverley to steam and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has donated to the appeal so far as they have allowed us to progress plans quickly. The new boilers will be manufactured by Cochran Ltd. and at their Newbie Works in Annan for delivery early in 2020.”

Other components will also be replaced as part of the investment. Further donations can be made at