A LEADING home builder is set to give away bee nesting blocks to people who reserve a new home at one of its developments in Fife next week.

In support of the Bumbleebee Conservation Trust, Lovell is encouraging customers to do their bit for nature and help protect the vital insects.

Pollinators, which account for one third of the food we eat, are declining in numbers due to disease, chemical use and habitat loss.

The Bee Brick provides a nesting site for non-aggressive and non-stinging solitary bees which have no queen or honey to protect.

Gemma Tovey, sustainability co-ordinator for Lovell said, “As a responsible developer we are committed to helping to improve the areas in which we build for the benefit of whole community and this includes the local wildlife too.”

Bee Bricks are being given to buyers at Lochside Grande, a new development which consists of 133 homes in Kinghorn.