THE National’s story concerning claims that Spain spied on MPs at Westminster – including SNP, Plaid Cymru and Tory members – has been raised in the Commons by a Welsh MP.

We told how pictures of the politicians attending events with members of the Catalan delegation to the UK were sent to a Spanish court considering the central government’s bid to close Catalan delegations abroad.

Along with the pictures were descriptions of the events and synopses of their contents.

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Hywel Williams, a Plaid Cymru MP, raised the matter as a point of order with deputy speaker Eleanor Laing.

He expressed concerns about “covert surveillance” of political figures, with leaked documents making reference to Welsh Assembly members and Scotland’s First Minister among others.

Williams added that he sought the speaker’s support, “in confirming that the principles of openness and free debate are the bedrock of the workings of our House and its all-party parliamentary groups and that spying by a supposedly friendly country – for that is what this is – has no place here”.

The National’s story has been shared far and wide, with Catalan website VilaWeb referencing our report in their coverage of the news.