THE 13,000 people who took part in the All Under One Banner march and rally for independence on Saturday were unaware there was a real winner in their midst.

For Alasdair Smith of Yes Eastwood was told before he marched that he was the winner of The National’s badge design competition, and not only is he a worthy winner with his positive and inspiring design, he has some thoughts the Yes movement may very well wish to peruse.

He explained: “I am a graphic designer so have an understanding of how effective visual symbols and slogans can be in communicating a message. I have been involved in the independence movement since the first independence referendum was announced in 2013 and have been a member of Eastwood SNP for many years and now Yes Eastwood.

“The independence movement is full of clever creative ideas from flags and banners on marches to artists such as Greg Moodie and indyposterboy.

“Political campaigns throughout the world have been won with clever creativity and imagery.

“I wanted to design something that would echo the sentiments of Lesley Riddoch’s brilliant series of Nation films, showing successful small nations and comparisons with Scotland and the potential we have that I believe is not being realised as part of the UK.

“I wanted also to reflect the reputation of Scots around the world of being friendly and welcoming with a big heart. Using the heart to show a love of our nation combined with a saltire and the phrase “wee nation big heart” was a challenge which went through a number of options before I was happy with the final design. Quite a lot to fit on a small badge!

“It was only really possible to fit into the shape using hand drawn lettering which was then scanned and tidied up digitally.

“I was delighted to have my design chosen and hope it will inspire others to think and work together towards a positive independent future for Scotland.”

With talents like Alasdair Smith, there’s no doubt that Yes can win.