WE promised you new video content, now we're delivering – meet Sarah Mackie and Stephen Paton, The National's dedicated new video team.

When editor Callum Baird launched this paper's 10,000 Steps subscription drive, he pledged to invest in a new video journalist when the total hit 7000.

But instead we can now reveal you're getting TWO – and they're starting tomorrow, set to create viral videos on all things indy.


Mackie, whose satirical politics posts have earned her a cult following, will join online content editor Paton to deliver a host of clips every week.

Baird said: "We are aiming for millions of views every month with all types of videos from explainers to rebuttals and commentary, all of which will be designed to advance the cause of independence. We believe that there is a big gap for this kind of content in the movement and we intend to fill that gap."

Thanking current subscribers, he added: "The more people that sign up to subscribe, the more we'll be able to do."

Mackie, from Auchterarder, has scored web hits including a quick-fire rundown of MPs using Scots words at Westminster. The 35-year-old, who began contributing clips for The National a short time ago, said she is "overjoyed" to be joining the team on a more formal basis.

She said: "How many people can enjoy what they do for a job?

"It's incredible to see the subscription numbers and support for the paper increasing, especially when other papers are starting to slow. It's been a very positive response."


On the "tongue-in-cheek" tone of many of her videos, which include satirical subtitles over politicians' speeches, she said: "Politics is very, very dry and if you don't have a bit of humour it's boring.

"I never thought in 2019 we'd be in this major political crisis. It's about letting people know about things while putting that tongue-in-cheek humour in it."

Paton added: "It's going to be really exciting to get the chance to do video content around Scottish independence and politics. We'll be making videos that dive into the case for independence as well as trying to take complex issues and make them understandable to everyone. We hope these have a really wide reach and everything we produce will be available for Yes groups to use."