THE Brexit Party’s Scottish MEP appeared to forget the country he represented during an online show.

Appearing on the party’s BrexBox YouTube broadcast, Louis Stedman-Bryce and fellow MEPs Dr David Bull, Belinda De Lucy and Martin Daubney discussed what they felt their role was in the European Parliament in representing those who elected them.

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However, in one exchange, Stedman-Bryce fails to point out host Bull’s obvious England-centric bias.

Stedman-Bryce said: “I think it’s important people understand how this parliament works. And we do get a lot of stick.”

Bull interrupts: “Because people don’t know in England – they have no clue.”

Instead of the MEP for Scotland pointing out that those are not who he represents, he instead enthusiastically agreed.

He continued: “No, they don’t. They don’t understand – and I think that all of us have got stick about what are we going to here, are we just going to sit back and take our money,?

“But we’ve been working really hard and I expect it to continue like that, and we can make sure that the people back home know exactly what’s happening and keep them informed.”

Stedman-Bryce’s Brexit Party came second in the European elections in Scotland, with 14.8% of the vote to the victorious SNP’s 37.8%.

The SNP hit out Stedman-Bryce’s failure to point out who he represented.

A spokesperson for the party said: “You would expect Farage and others to use ‘England’ when he means ‘the UK’ or ‘Britain’ interchangeably but it is quite telling that Mr Stedman-Bryce, who is of course meant to represent Scotland, responded without so much as even a blink.”

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He broke with party leader Nigel Farage in the run-up to that poll on the issue of indyref2.

At the time, the now-MEP said: “If there was a demand for it, we are democrats, we believe in democracy, if the people said that is what they wanted then I don’t feel we would stand in their way.

“But I just feel that I have to make this point clear, because we are kind of being pushed down this narrative that people in Scotland voted to remain in the European Union.”

Stedman-Bryce joined his Brexit Party colleagues last week in turning their back as the EU’s anthem, Ode To Joy, was performed in the European Parliament.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith hit out at Stedman-Bryce and Farage’s MEPs over their move.

He said: “Some ghastly MEPs turned their backs on a song. A daft grubby wee stunt to distract your attention, do me a favour and don’t waste your precious time on them eh? Their main vector of publicity seems to be folk being outraged by them.”