The National:

SCOTTISH Tory MSP Michelle Ballantyne has found herself in a bit of hot water after doing a complete U-turn on her Boris Johnson stance. 

I know what you're thinking ... Ballantyne ... putting her foot in it ... surely not!

The same Tory MSP who appeared to back NHS privatisation in a Holyrood speech, who said Holyrood shouldn't talk about Brexit, who was accused by the First Minister of making an "appalling remark" on the bedroom tax, who was urged to resign over her benefits speech, who was under fire for her defence of the Tories' "two-child cap" *runs out of breath* ... yeah. That Tory MSP. 

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This time the South Scotland MSP is being called out for a serious U-turn over Johnson's suitability for the Tory leadership position, and her own quotes show the disparity between the views. Awkward.

During a BBC Debate Night appearance in March, Ballantyne was asked if she agreed with David Mundell, who at the time had made it clear that the former London mayor should not be prime minister.

She responded: “I think there’s a recognition that Boris Johnson wouldn’t play well in Scotland, I think we probably all recognise that. I’m sure the audience do too.”

She was asked why, and replied: “Because I don’t think Scotland has been an area that he’s ever really given much thought to. As a country, I think we all feel that we want Scotland’s best interests to be looked after by Westminster, as well as the Scottish Parliament, and having a prime minister who is interested in Scotland, who cares about Scotland, is important to us."

Last week, just a matter of months after claiming Johnson hasn't "ever really given much thought" to Scotland, Ballantyne has boldly proclaimed that he has "consistently conveyed his commitment to the Union" ... wait what?!

On Twitter, the MSP posted: "Here's just a few of the reasons why I'm backing @BorisJohnson to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. #BackBoris", followed by her list of reasons for his suitability - as established, this includes his passion for the Union, apparently, and his being the "best candidate" to resolve Brexit. 

Oh, Michelle. You just keep getting yourself into trouble and this is no exception. Do you not remember the poll showing 53% of Scots would back independence if Boris became PM? That's who is going to save your precious Union? OK then ...