ORGANISERS say at least 13,000 Scottish independence marchers massed in Ayr for All Under One Banner’s latest rally.

The procession, running along the seaside before heading into the town, was a a sea of Saltire flags.

Police confirmed to The National that at least 10,000 people participated, with the procession stretching to a mile in length.

Organisers said the official figure was a minimum of 13,000.

Marchers young and old made the most of the Ayrshire sunshine as they headed from Blackburn Carpark to the Esplanade.

The event was soundtracked by the familiar sounds of bagpipe music, with bands leading the procession.

Organisers said the day once again went by without a hitch, after hugely successful events in Glasgow, Oban and Galashiels already this year.

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National journalist Carla Jenkins was on hand to capture the scenes as Yes supporters marched along the coast.

The procession then made its way into the town.

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James Hipper, aged 7 and a half, led the chants.

And the fun wasn't restricted to humans ...

The National: Photograph: Carla JenkinsPhotograph: Carla Jenkins