THE filmmakers of the acclaimed Journey to Yes series and trilogy of Nation films with Lesley Riddoch have launched a crowdfunding appeal to ask the Yes movement to help them chronicle something that should be very attractive to Yessers everywhere.

Renowned across the Yes movement for the breadth of their work, the new series for which Phantom Power are seeking funds has the working title FUTURE: SCOTLAND and is the filmmakers’ most ambitious project yet. It attempts to portray how an independent Scotland will work as the UK comes to an end.

In their appeal they state: “Phantom Power Films is the creator of 25 episodes of Journey to Yes, politics series Perspective, one of Scotland’s most watched documentary series Nation and many other shorts and virals focusing on Scottish independence.

“Phantom Power productions are ambitious, inspiring and change people’s minds. As indyref2 approaches, many in Scotland are evaluating our future with the UK and it is more important than ever to provide original video content that can engage and persuade.

“Your backing will allow us to continue production and develop campaign films including our FUTURE: SCOTLAND project – a new series of films exploring what Scotland looks like after independence is won.

“They say the key to achieving a goal is visualising it. Future Scotland will take the viewer on a journey that imagines the incredible opportunities and real challenges our nation faces as it strikes out on its own. Along the way, the films aim to inspire others to rethink how they see Scotland and their place in what could soon be the world’s newest independent nation.

“Set after independence has been achieved, the series will explore four key areas: Power – as the axis of power shifts from London to Edinburgh, how might Scotland organise and use its new powers?

“Citizen – How might everyday life change for Scots, at work, environment? UK – Scottish independence will undoubtedly mean change for the rest of the UK.

Europe and the World – Scotland’s new relationship with Europe as a full member.”

The series is currently at the drawing-board stage and despite being launched only two days ago, by last night the crowdfunding appeal had been supported by 50 people who have pledged more than £1200 towards the target of £20,000.

Phantom Power added: “Your support is hugely appreciated and will help Phantom Power create the films that can make a difference.”

You can donate to the crowdfunder by following this link: